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Groupe des Brasseries du Maroc

Groupe des Brasseries du Maroc
Bd Ahl Loghlam
B.P. 2660 - An Seba
Casablanca - Morocco
Tel : (212)
Tel : (212)
Fax : (212)

Brewed in the traditional way, but using the latest technology , Crown is a product made of natural ingredients only. It is guaranteed alcohol free.

In addition to its multiple qualities, served cool, it is a tonic beverage.

Brewed and canned by
Groupe des Brasseries du Maroc, Casablanca, Morocco.

Composition :
Malt, Hops, Other natural Ingredients.

  24 cl Glass bottle
Crate of 24 Bottles

33 cl Can
Tray of 24 Cans